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Polish Book Club in Seattle was established in fall 2003 as an informal group of people who enjoy reading Polish books.

Currently our Club consists of about 10 people, although the number changes from meeting to meeting

Please note that Polish is the language of our meetings.

We meet once a month on Saturday morning and discuss a selected earlier, contemporary Polish book. These books have been recently published for the first time and most of them have not been translated into English. We alternate our meetings between Green Lake Library in Seattle and an Eastside KCLS library.

If you live in Seattle area, can read Polish language books with ease and talk about them in Polish, please join us. No registration is required.


A room without books is like a body without a soul.

 Cicero (Attributed)


Meeting in October 2016 at the Green Lake Library

Drawing: Renia czytająca, Wojciech Weiss, 1910